The website "World Radon Solutions" is an electronic platform for the exchange of information and experience on existing methods used to reduce radon in buildings. It consists of a database of technical solutions, extending the original work initiated by Chris Scivyer within ERRICCA2 "European Radon Research and Industry Collaboration Concerted Action" and interrupted in September 2003.

Conditions for the submission of solutions:
- Solutions should be drafted as "case studies" and must be submitted in *.pdf format.
  The case studies should be described in some detail and should be illustrated by fotos.
  As a guideline, this template can be used.
- For submission please create a new personal account login or send the document in *.pdf or *.doc format
  to the following e-mail address: fabio.barazza@bag.admin.ch
- Per type of mitigation several examples can be submitted, but explicit duplications should be avoided.
- Trademarks of products or systems should be avoided if possible, more emphasis should be put on the type of products or systems used.

Further information concerning the case studies and liability:
  Please contact the authors directly, we will not give any information about the published case studies and disclaim all liability.

Our expectations:
- This page is at your disposal. You can assist us with completing and improving it.
- We are at your disposal for further information and are looking forward to receiving your remarks and suggestions.

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